'Can you hear him snoring? Kim Kardashian shares incredibly intimate video of herself in bed with Kayne West... as she Snapchats live about having insomnia in London

Kim Kardashian was sleepless in London on Friday night after jetting to the British capital from Los Angeles.

So naturally she picked up her smartphone and began Snapchatting live with her millions of followers as her husband Kanye West lay in bed beside her.

'It's four in the morning and I am so tired and I can't fall asleep,' the reality star, 35, says, as her rapper husband, who is also awake, makes funny noises.

Kim, who is still wearing mascara and eye liner complains that the LuMee light on her phone is dying.

Suddenly, Kanye's hand appears coming up over her breast to her mouth as if trying to get her to stop talking.

'Babe, stop!' she tells him.

She then continues, looking straight to camera, and asks her fans to talk to her.

Kanye continues to make funny sounds and at one point in the series of short video clips, he can be heard singing as he lies beside her.

Finally, he can be heard snoring.

'This always happens to me in London. This is so unfair,' says Kim, who still can't fall asleep.
He's like, passed out. Can you hear him snoring?'

She then responds to questions about why she had shared Snapchat video of herself taking a pregnancy test after boarding the plane to London on Thursday night.

She had shown herself in the airplane's bathroom having peed on a pregnancy test stick after purchasing half a dozen of the testing kits.

'I just thought it was funny because I've been so private before,' she explained.

'I didn't get my period this month and I couldn't stand being in a plane for a whole 10 hours and not knowing. So that's why I decided to put it on Snapchat and I'm not pregnant.'