Kanu Nwankwo's Wife Speaks - My Life as a Teenage Bride

Amara Nwankwo, Wife of former Super Eagles Player Kanu Nwankwo has opened up about how it was for her getting married as a teenager.

In an interview with PUNCH, she said, ''Marriage is a growth process and I learn on a daily basis. I got married as a teenager. I was young. I think I jumped into the deep end and I simply went with it. It takes a lot of determination to keep things going because irrespective of your age, marriage throws a lot of curves at you. The main thing is being able to bounce back after being hit with a surprise or what you do not expect.''

On if she’ll let her daughter get married at such a young age, Amara said, ''Having gone through it myself, I wouldn’t say I would like her to do the same. I would like her to experience life slightly a bit more than I did. But it all depends on the circumstances and the persons involved. I had support from my mum, dad and siblings. In hindsight, I can say that they actually did a good job. In June, we would celebrate the 12th anniversary of our wedding.

Amara wedded Kanu Nwankwo in 2004 when she was 18-years old.