Caroline Danjuma was never married to Musa, she had a plastic surgery, more stunning revelations made by furious mistress (photos)

Well, we all thought Caroline Danjuma, Mr. Musa Danjuma and the mistresses had all finished their shows,until couple of hours prior when another Instagram blogger uncovered their past story, getting out the gathered riddle lady who has been behind the conjugal burdens of the performer.

 The post reads: “Sometime back Caroline danjuma’s husband was pictured having dinner with a mystery woman well she’s no longer a mystery as I have found the lady and she is a Jamaican American and was in Nigeria on a visit to mr danjuma , she was hosted by Mr. danjuma and was paid for her services with dollars which she also did some charity work in Lagos before leaving back to her base in America she is@realaudream, ”

The said woman got so infuriated that she made some shocking new revelations about Caroline Danjuma, alleging that she was never married to Musa Danjuma and that she also recently had a plastic surgery..