Implant Alert! How to spot fake boobs and ass

Once upon a time, skinny girls were the shit (pardon my French), but these days, it’s all about the bass cos ain’t nobody got time for the treble, and the bass just looks too damn good… Sigh.

While this is great for naturally curvy girls, the increased obsession with big boobs and butts especially, has put pressure on skinny girls to fit in; hence butt pads, padded bra, injections, and implants. Scary thing is, they’ve gotten so good at it that it’s had to tell real curves from fake.

And before you start going on about how Nigerian girls are not into body modification yet, maybe you should take another look at your favourite Instagram hotties, not everything can be credited to their mama, or squatting.

In obvious cases, if the proportion of the ass doesn’t fit the body, then it’s fake e.g. Iggy Azalea. You can’t deny her ass look like they don’t belong to her body.

Although there are some women whose natural bodies defy logic, but they are not the focus here…

While it’s pretty easy to spot fake boobs, especially as they usually defy gravity, this video by a Thai model takes detecting silicon implants to a whole new level.

Awesome yeah?

Well, detecting fake butts is not as easy. Although, the rule for the ass is if it looks too good to be true, then it usually is… Go figure!

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