'My vag!na feels so good' - Amber Rose describes what she likes in bed

Popular model and ex wife of rapper, Wiz  Khalifa, Amber Rose, is one that is never shy when it comes to discussing $exual issues.

In a recent radio interview where she promoted her $ex show, she was asked a few personal question and Rose was only too happy to be straightforward with her answers.

While explaining her reactions to random questions she gets from her fans, she expressed that most people ask her about @n@l sex and she has never had that experience.

"I have never done @nal sex. It has never really been my thing. I just never felt the urge to try it. This is not to say I won't in the future. The vag!na feels so good, why would I want it in my a$$?"

She was also asked to describe what she likes in bed. Rose admitted that while she did not have a favorite $ex position, she does like a man who knows how to handle her in the bedroom.

"I like a man that can manhandle me. I like to be thrown around. I like strong, big guys."

She also touched on the subject or oral $ex, disclosing that she will rather give than receive.

"I don't like to receive head. I like to give head more than I like to receive head."

In this way, there you have it, your definitive manual for satisfying Amber Rose in the room.