DJ Obi, set to break records

Nigerian Disc Jockey DJ Obi is currently on the road to making history at the Sao Café, Lekki, Lagos as a Guinness world record holder for the world’s longest marathon club DJing.

He set a 10-day record for himself, starting from June 22, 2016, and has since received positive feedback from friends, family members and fellow celebrities alike. The media has not been left out as they have shown their love and support in various ways possible. Big time radio hosts such as Douglas Jekan, Gbemi Olateru, Tolu Oniru, Toke Makinwa as well as artistes like Omawumi, Seyi Shay, Olamide, MI Abaga, Lil Kesh, Lynxxx, Ycee, Dr SID and Don Jazzy have also been spotted at the location.

Fellow celebrity DJs such as Jimmy Jatt, Spinall, Enimoney and Big N among others were also spotted showing the contestant some love in what has been widely reported as a positive journey in the continent’s entertainment industry history.

This particularly tells a pretty decent story about Nigerian entertainment and the growth of pop culture in the land, and we love every bit of it. Above all, it helps project the country’s image in a positive light especially at a critical time as this where tales of corruption, mismanagement and other forms of fraud and socioeconomic imbalances have cast a huge blot on her international reputation. In 2006, celebrity dancer and fitness trainer Kaffy broke the Guinness World Records for Longest Dance Party ever at the Nokia Silverbird Danceathon in Lagos, helping put the nation on the map in countless positive ways.

 With this current Obi initiative, there are high expectations once again and it’s highly likely he’ll notch up the new record. As the young man aims to do what’s never been done before, there’s no mistaking that it’s an arduous task requiring a lot of inner strength, mental balance, perseverance and determination. Already, clips from the venue show signs of fatigue and little cracks here and there the vitamins, light meds and massages notwithstanding.

It’s been a bittersweet experience. This is the price to pay for greatness, the price to pay for history and the sacrifice for that which has never been done before. We can’t wait. Often, when one embarks on a journey of this sort, it takes a lot of nerve to pull off, to get to the finish mark.

When the idea is conceived up into the early stages of the process, it all feels doable. It all feels magical, impressive and incredibly good.

But no sooner has one experienced this sweetness than he begins to catch the real drift, everything starting to feel like a dream and the initial magic dissipating like fog in a sunny morning in Lagos.

Breaking records are no mean feats; the road to setting a world record is a tough, unpredictable ride to the end. It might interest you to know that the former world record for the longest DJing time in history was set in Dublin, Ireland in 2014, a record of eight straight days of nonstop DJing. And so in this light, Obi aims to do 10 straight days and he’s pretty close to edging out the Irish world record as the clock ticks away leading to Friday, July 1, 2016.

He is close to bringing to live this next level goodness, Obi is close to making history. We admire his drive, courage and resilience. It is daring, artistic, entertaining, nerve-racking and above all a bittersweet pill that he must swallow because in truth, no one ever made history doing the regular. As we wish Obi the very best in his current sojourn, we fine folks at went a step further as we hit the ground to show some love and support as the young man cruises on this path to making history.