Photographs: Obama Takes To Stage To Sing For Malia On Her eighteenth Birthday

Barack Obama serenaded his daughter Malia with an unforgettable rendition of Happy Birthday as they celebrated her 18th at the White House.With a smiling Kendrick Lamar standing beside him on stage, the US president belted out a heartfelt yet off-key version of the song.

The crowd began to cheer and clap as Malia ascended onto the stage and embraced her father at the annual Fourth of July party.

It was the second consecutive year the White House’s Independence Day festivities were shelved because of bad weather.

‘Because it’s a job of fathers to embarrass their daughters, I’ve got one last job,’ Obama joked as a knowing audience began to applaud.

‘It just so happens we celebrate our country’s birthday on the same day as my oldest daughter’s birthday, so just a quick Happy Birthday for Malia,’ a croaky-sounding Obama added before breaking into song.