BREAKING: Police seal off PDP convention venue

The Force central station said it has fixed off the Sharks Stadium in Port Harcourt, the venue of the national convention of the Peoples Democratic Party.

It was learnt that policemen raged the venue of the tradition around 4am on Wednesday.

The Force Public Relations Officer, Mr. Donald Awunah, revealed this amid a system on Channels Television titled, 'Dawn Daily'.

Awunah said the essential duty of the police was to secure life and anticipate emergency. He added that because of the strain encompassing the tradition and the clashing court decisions, the police thought it best to close the venue.

He said, "The warring gatherings need to take after due procedure to end their emergency through the courts and as a law authorization office what do you do? You guarantee that there is a prevalent court request. It is not about favoring one side.

“If in the next one hour or two, we get another court order, we will take action. We are there for every Nigerian but when you are the first responder, you have to take action, you have to be proactive.”