Pope Francis meets seven ex-prostitutes from Nigeria

Pope Francis astonished 20 previous whores on Friday by thumping on their entryway in Rome and popping in for a visit.

The Argentine, who has over and over depicted the human trafficking behind much prostitution as "an unspeakable atrocity", sat down with the gathering, including four ladies from Albania, seven from Nigeria and six from Romania.

The other three hailed from Italy, Tunisia and the Ukraine, as indicated by a Vatican explanation. The ladies, all matured around 30, are being protected by a Catholic relationship in a loft in the Italian capital in the wake of being saved from their pimps.

The 79-year old listened for 60 minutes to the stories of the previous sex slaves, "every one of whom endured genuine physical mishandle and live under assurance," the Vatican said.

The visit fell under what have been termed Francis’s “Fridays of Mercy”, whereby he carries out one unscheduled act of mercy a month on a Friday — mainly in or near Rome — throughout the pope’s Jubilee year, which started in December and runs to November.

In January, he went to an administer to the elderly and individuals in a vegetative state, while in February he went to a group for medication addicts. In March he visited an exile focus before going by shelter seekers on the Greek island of Lesbos in April.

The pontiff then invested energy with the genuinely rationally sick in May before going to old and sick clerics in June and committing his July "Friday of Mercy" to debilitated youngsters in Krakow subsequent to petitioning God for the casualties of the Holocaust at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi concentration camp.