Nigerian woman incurs N192m debt after giving birth to quadruplets in London

According to immigration officials, she 'didn’t have required documents from a hospital stating that she had the money to pay for the birth.'

43-year-old Priscilla delivered quadruplets in London late last year after she was turned back from entering the United States of America by border officials.

She was on her way back to Nigeria via London when she suddenly went into labour incurred a hospital bill of £500,000 (N192m) which she admits she can’t pay, even if she works all her life.

Priscilla, a social insurance specialist in Lagos had wanted to have her infants in the United States taking after suggestions of her specialists in Nigeria after she experienced an IVF treatment.

In any case, things didn't work out as arranged in light of the fact that as indicated by the migration authorities, she 'didn't have required records from a healing center expressing that she had the cash to pay for the birth.'

The babies came three months earlier than planned and sadly two of them didn’t survive.

The other two, Elijah and Esther are being treated in the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where the weekly bill for each baby is £20,000.

The new mum is currently staying at a hostel run by a charity organisation in London while her husband is back home in Nigeria because he can’t afford to travel to stay with her.

According to Mail Online, ‘The responses from 90 hospitals revealed that 13,077 overseas patients were treated in the UK in 2015/16, including 3,066 pregnant women who flew in and had babies.

‘These women were responsible for some of the highest debts, the figures showed, and a significant number are understood to have come from Nigeria.’