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  • mercyjohnsonokojieOdi ur so oooo shy but:
    I Love d way u pick Angel at night and drop her in her crib each time I put her in the middle of the bed as an obstacle cus am upset.I love the way u whisper in her ears,saying"Angel go to ur crib and don't put Asunder πŸ˜…
    I love d way u increase the AC ,Snatch the blanket and 30mins later you grab me and say"u too vex,aren't you Cold?πŸ€”
    I love the way you say,I play too much.
    I love d way you chastise me after cooking by saying"my love salt pass this food but e sweet"πŸ˜‹
    I can go on and on
    Thank you baby,the kids go to bed Happy and wake up smiling.even they know, that Daddy loves Mummy.
    Ur birthday is close and I don't know what to say or how to show that you are the Very Air I breath.
    No one has an assurance of Happily ever after but I beg God to please Help me and lets stay this way forever.
    Pray for me Friends cus with Him is where I would rather be.

  • michelle_canddySo sweet 😍😘😘
  • lionqueenogehSo shall it be for you Odi Wife @mercyjohnsonokojie.
  • mz_ogearuakaYou have him always
  • phonesale_iPhone's available on my page
  • phonesale_iPhone's available on my page
  • island_girl_kbirdThis is beautiful.. I wish u guys long life and forever happiness.. Be blessed @mercyjohnsonokojie
  • johnhope202Well done u both...God will keep u guys like this forever
  • maryamealhassanSo shall it be forever........ AMEN
  • keithapoliusAwww so sweet wish u two forever happiness .my favourite actress
  • jn_classix_I pray dat stay happy Nd blessed
  • coachkymmebSuch beautiful words for the love you both share! May your union continue to be blessed by God. Blessings to you both and the family
  • realvivaciousGood
  • eberelvsuI just love this woman,,, may God continue to Bless ur marriage
  • glow_gospelMay God bless you both n cause peace, love n togetherness to always Rest on your home, I love you guys alot
  • divinechristoGod will continue to make love rule love u my role model
  • itsgozie_kenIt is well with you. So long as you remain this awesome woman we know on social media inside ur home
  • anticobaeOh Lord my God I pray today on my knees that you give them both the grace not to get tired of each other, the grace not to give people of the world to laugh at them in JESUS name Amen.
  • itsgozie_kenAlso, the weapons of the warfare is not carnal. Please pray for him regularly. Some people are out there hurting cos u are happy. To whom much is given, much is expected. Please pray real hard for him.
  • joanjohnson1981Amen
  • apple7starAmen, god grace and blessing yp on you an your family and most of all god glory radiate up on your matraige @mercyjohnsonokojie