Rivers lady slaughters lover for dating friend

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A lady, distinguished as Boma Mac-Pepple, has been announced needed by the police for professedly executing her beau, Nathan Okojaja, otherwise known as Junior, in Opobo town, in the Opobo/Nkoro Local Government Area of Rivers State. 

Findings learnt that the team had been dating for quite a while, yet had a difference over common doubt of disloyalty.

On Monday, May 9, Okojaja allegedly challenged the suspect for cheating on him. Mac-Pepple also accused him of cheating on her with her friend, one Sarah.

The disagreement degenerated into a fight, with Mac-Pepple allegedly sustaining injuries.

The suspect immediately took to Facebook around 10.44am same day, calling on her friends to help her locate Okojaja so she could bring him to justice for attacking her.

“Any one that sees this boy should not hesitate to call my line 08119**** or 0808280****because every criminal or cult member must be brought to justice, for any crime he committed.

“You won’t regret giving me information. Thanks. Do that for my life…my life is in your hands now,” she had said in the Facebook post where she also  pasted the picture of the victim.

Some of her friends had teased her on the reason for the search, saying they were two lovers who always reconciled after disagreements.

She later posted a photo of the wounds she guaranteed was perpetrated to her left side ear by Okojaja.