Sacked security watch is accused of murder in his clinic bed after he 'burst into $1.9m extravagance flat British specialist imparted to his fiancee in Boston and opening their throats in retribution killing'

                                 Bampumim Teixeira, the man accused of killing engaged Dr Richard Field and Dr Lina Bolanos in their Boston apartment and writing a 'message of revenge' on their wall, is pictured being arraigned by a judge at his hospital bedside at Tufts Medical Center in Boston yesterday

A man accused of killing two engaged doctors in their home and writing a 'message of revenge' on their wall has been charged before a judge at his hospital bedside.

Bampumim Teixeira, 30, was charged with two counts of murder as it emerged he used to work as a security guard at the luxury complex where his victims lived.

He got access to their $1.9million (£1.5million) apartment in Boston, Massachusetts, and allegedly slit their throats before trying to steal a bag of jewelry, police say.

Dr Richard Field, 49, and Dr Lina Bolanos, 38, were murdered after Teixeira, who is originally from West Africa, burst into their penthouse on Friday evening, police say.

                               Teixeira (above, pictured yesterday), who was shot in the hand, abdomen and leg during a shootout with police, entered two not guilty pleas to two counts of murder

Teixeira, who was shot in the hand, abdomen and leg in a shootout with police, entered two not guilty pleas from his hospital bed at Tufts Medical Center yesterday.

Judge Michael Bolden ordered Teixeira to be held without bail and court-appointed defense attorney Steve Sack did not argue for bail. His next court date is June 8.

Teixeira is originally from Guinea Bissau and immigrated to America with his aunt at an early age, according to the Boston Globe.

Dr Field was born in Hammersmith, West London, and graduated from the University of Sheffield's Medical School in 1999. He lived in Broomhill during his time in the city.
                               Dr Richard Field and Dr Lina Bolanos (pictured together) were murdered after Bampumim Teixeira, 30, burst into their luxury $1.9million penthouse on Friday evening, police say
Friends said he attended Palisades High School in Los Angeles and was a Chelsea FC fan, with pictures showing he visited their Stamford Bridge ground in March 2015.

His friend Dr Andrew Mott from Crich, Derbyshire, told MailOnline today: 'I only knew Richard during the five years we spent at medical school together in Sheffield.

'He was a nice bloke and it is very sad to hear that he has come to such an awful end. I remember he supported Chelsea at football and was just a decent young man back then.'

Paying tribute, one patient wrote on Facebook: 'He was an amazing Dr. who was so kind and compassionate. I always said if he ever moved back to England I would follow him. Dr Field changed my life.'

Dr Bolanos is originally from Colombia. Teixeira's immigration status is unclear, but his arrest warrant in 2016 for armed robbery is stamped with 'alien warning given'.

The Suffolk County DA's office would not comment on his immigration status when contacted by

Legal documents from a previous arrest reveal that he worked for Palladion Services, a security firm which stopped servicing the couple's apartment building in February.
The judge also agreed to impound some documents in the case for 90 days.

Suffolk County prosecutors said officers responding to a report of a man with a gun on Friday found keys to the engaged doctors' condo on the floor outside and discovered the unit in the Macallen Building dark when they entered.

Terrified Dr Field had managed to send a text to a friend saying 'a gunman in the house,' and that friend called 911.

But by the time police arrived at 141 Dorchester Ave, the couple were already dead.

Their hands were bound, blood and messages of retribution were on the walls and photos of the two doctors in the apartment had been cut up, according to the Boston Globe.

Police Commissioner William B. Evans said Teixeira opened fire when officers confronted him at the door of the apartment and officers fired back, hitting Teixeira who was then transported to the hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.

Suffolk Assistant District Attorney John Pappas said that as police searched the apartment, officers discovered a 'black backpack in a remarkably conspicuous area.

Inside, the backpack was filled with jewelry, presumably belonging to Miss Bolanos,' the Globe reported.

Authorities have not revealed how Teixiera, who used to work as a security guard for the security firm at the South Boston complex, gained access into the building with heavy security to reach the 11th floor.

Pappas also did not explain yesterday during Teixiera's arraignment how authorities believe Teixeira reached the upper levels of the luxury condo complex.

In order to get inside and to use the elevator, a special key is needed, according to CBS Boston.

Residents described to the Globe that the 24-hour security personnel stationed in the lobby were referred to as concierges and they control who could enter the complex.

On February 18, Palladion Services stopped providing security and concierge services for the building, a resident who wanted to remain anonymous told the Globe.

Teixeira worked for the company though it is not known how long he was employed by them or what his job was.

No one from Palladion was available last night to answer questions about his employment history.

Highbridge Concierge is the new security company in charge of the building, and the company's founder, Patrick J. Knight, would not discuss security measures at the building.

'The police are in charge of the investigation,' Knight said, rejecting the suggestion that there was a lapse in security to the Globe.

'I can't discuss security measures at the building … That's a private building and we would never release anything. I have no comment.'

The ex-girlfriend of Teixeira revealed that he had confessed to her he 'did not have long to live' during the last conversation they had before the murders.

She told the Boston Globe that he had sounded 'strange' when he called her on April 22.
After telling her he did not have long left to live, he insisted he was not suicidal, but welcomed her offer to pray for him, saying: 'Yeah, I need prayer.'

He had also hinted at something darker, telling her, 'I am not a good person.'
Even so, his ex, who has chosen to remain anonymous, said she was stunned to learn Teixeira - who she described as a 'charming' 'gentleman' who was patient with her 9-year-old - could have done such a brutal crime.

She added that he had gone back on promises he made during that phone call that he would never hurt anyone.

'Lies,' she told the Globe, in tears. The couple were described as 'good, kind, gentle people,' according to the Globe.

Michael Gibbs, Bolanos's godfather, said: 'Hopefully, this guy that they caught will be able to say who he is and why this was done.

'That's all we're hoping, is to get some kind of information. Why did this happen?'
Field worked at North Shore Pain Management and had previously been an anesthesiologist and pain management specialist at Beverly Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital.

A statement from the NSPM clinic said: 'Dr Field was a guiding vision at North Shore Pain Management and was instrumental in the creation of this practice.

'His tragic and sudden passing leaves an inescapable void in all of us.'

Bolanos was a pediatric anesthesiologist at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. She was also an anesthesia instructor at Harvard Medical School.

Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary released a statement from the hospital's CEO John Fernandez, who said: 'Dr Bolanos was an outstanding pediatric anesthesiologist and a wonderful colleague, in the prime of both her career and life.'

Teixeira had previously been convicted of two counts of larceny, for passing notes demanding money from the same bank in 2014 and 2016.

In June 2016, he visited Citizens Bank in Boston dressed in a white shirt, black Fedora hat and sunglasses.

He slipped a note to a female teller requesting she hand him the money or he'd 'shoot you and everybody here now.'

The woman handed him $212 (£164) in cash and a dye pack of money, the value of which she did not know.

He was arrested a month later after police tracked him by monitoring his Transit Charlie Card which led them to another building where he once worked for Palladion Services.

There, a doorman told them that he called himself JJ and that he no longer worked for the company.

Teixeira pleaded guilty to both counts last year and agreed to be jailed without the possibility of parole, serving nine months in jail before he was released in April.