"I remain with Hushpuppi" — Bobrisky defends Hushpuppi

Self-acclaimed King of Snapchat, Bobrisky has pronounced his help for Malaysian-Based Nigerian Big Boy, after the last had an intense spat with Phyno, Ice Prince and Kcee.. 

Bobrisky by means of his snapchat account composed; 

“The hate on Hushpuppi lately I don’t get? If you are calling him a yahoo boy, did he hold your hand nor buy your own laptop and join the business. Some people are stupid and foolish. So yahoo boy is now an insult. Sorry for you all”

Its like someone calling you a prostitute lol. Do you hold the bastard pussy from not f*cking other men too. People should learn a better clap back not the rubbish they keep saying.

I’m sorry guys I STAND WITH HUSHPUPPI Bye guys have fun”