Meet Kcee's lovely wife and why they keep away from each other on Social media

Guys, Meet Kcee’s Beautiful Wife.. and she’s beyond gorgeous. Her name is Ijeoma, and they got married in the year 2010.

The mysterious romantic life of Kcee has recorded a number of stories which had linked him with many ladies but one stands out—the Ebube Nwagbo's story which left a scratch on Kcee's marriage. 

Married to Ijeoma, little or nothing has ever been heard about his wife who he proposed to in a hot air balloon in Dubai in 2010. The traditional wedding held in Anambra State, and a court wedding followed at Apapa Registry.

Ijeoma Okonkwo, (nee Oduah) has never been seen with him in broad daylight. In a meeting with PUNCH, Kcee, when asked about his conjugal status and for what good reason he denied being hitched stated, Kcee stated, 

“Most times, I don’t like talking about marriage because it is a private issue. But to clear the air, I never said I was married or not. The person that did the interview made a mistake. They asked a simple question about a wedding in Lekki some years back and I told them it was not my wedding, it was E-Money’s wedding.”

Then, the smart reporter asked whether he was dating Ebube at that time and he replied, “Yes.”

Its puzzling that of the over 1.6million followers, 4,509 photos including videos on Instagram, Ijeoma’s photo has never appeared.

He is following 2065 but not his wife.

In the same vein, of Ijeoma’s 1167 followers, the 232 photos including videos, and a following of 227, her husband is excluded!

Infact the closet online intimacy she has shown towards Kcee was sharing a scene she decorated for one of his video shoot, referring to him as ‘Õgâ at the Top’ in the caption.

Ijeoma, who runs Pixieworldevents, is quite shy of any public appearance. Lately, the fair skinned mother of two posted her picture on Instagram.

@pixieworldevent and composed:

“…People who know me well know I am doing this post under duress because I’m a very private person, who prefers to exist behind the scenes, but my brand strategist is threatening fire and brimstone if I do not put a face to my business; so here you’ve it ladies and gentlemen, meet the face behind the brand.”
Amazing, there are no birthday shout outs to each other or during moments such as Valentine’s Day, or Mothers’ Day.

KCee put up a cartoon of mother/child on Mothers’ Day. His Valentine’s day post was a red/white tiny pillow with his name on it.

He wrote, “Happy Valentine’s day

I pray that this day shall be a good day. I pray that you shall not fall into a victim of any circumstances. God shall protect you and your love ones in Jesus Name Amen.”

Kcee and Ijeoma may be the strange couple however they are the ideal case of keeping your marriage out of web-based social networking.